Flammspritzstrahl, Drahtflammspritzen mit Molybdaen

Glass Bead Blasting / Corundum Blasting

Making it possible to coat surfaces by Flame or Arc Spraying prior to the processes the surfaces should nearly always be roughed up. For this the best possibility is blasting with rough corundum. Here the parts’ surface will be toren open by the sharp-edged corundum grains. Through this process the surface expands and you will get an ideal base surface for metal spraying.

Very often such a rough surface is not required as the parts only need to be cleaned, e.g. rust and old paint have to be removed. For this application blasting with very fine-grained corundum has been established. Due to rounded corundum grains the surfaces will not be badly damaged but will only be cleansed of all foreign particles. E.g. fence panels, hubs, body parts or complete engines.

For very sensitive surfaces like screw threads, fits, or sealing surfaces round glass beads can be used as a blasting material. When the surface is blasted with glass beads it would hardly be damaged in this process. The glass beads erase only the dirt from the surface and just leave a smooth clean surface. In the picture below you can see a glass bead blasted nut and bolt and in the other picture you can see one that has not been blasted as comparison.

For corundum blasting here are 4 blasting cabinets with 1 x 1 m areas and one blasting room with an area of 6 x 6 m available. For glass bead blasting we have equipped a separate cabinet.

Glass bead blasted threaded bolt and nut compared before and after.