Plasmaspritzstrahl, Plasmaspritzen mit Chromoxid Cr2O3

Plasma Spraying

The atmospheric plasma spraying ( APS ) is carried out by the ionization of a gas or gas mixture such as argon / hydrogen through a burning between the cathode and anode arc. The subsequent recombination of the particles large amounts of energy are released in the form of a plasma jet . The temperatures here of about 20,000 ° K in the interior of the plasma flame , which are required for melting materials with high melting point.Plasma spraying , which is characterized by high deposition rates , generates high quality and adherent coatings for a wide variety of industrial applications. In particular, the group of oxide ceramics are particularly suitable for this procedure. Commonly used materials or its pairings are :

  • Zirconium Oxide – thermal insulation
  • Aluminium Oxide – electrically insulating, thermo barrier, wear protection
  • Chromium Oxide – Wear protection, chemically very inert
  • Titanium Oxide – Wear protection, no electrostatic charging

Shafts Plasma coated with Titanium dioxide and later on machined.
Shafts Plasma coated with Titanium dioxide and later on machined.

The range of Ceramic Powders is cut into four groups resulting from chemical compositions.

Through mixing the powders together and/or adding other materials the variety of applications can be extended nearly unlimited.