Flammspritzstrahl, Drahtflammspritzen mit Molybdaen

Coating of light-weight components made of metal foams

uncoated coated aluminum foams: - Brass - Silver - Copper - Zinc

Open-pored metal foam is a new material made of well known substances.

Due to its structure like a bone metal foam is characterised by excellent mechanical properties and is outstandingly suitable for light-weight components.

Beside the enormous weight reduction of approx. 90 % referring to solid material a wide range? of new properties resulted from the possibility of thermal coating which challenge to develop innovative products.

We do not manufacture any metal foams.

Properties potential of thermal coated metal foams:

  • Decrease of total weight of equipment, vehicles and machines up to max. 90 %
  • Mechanical stability
  • Permeable / infiltratable, therefore use as a catalyst ? (Coating arbitrary)
  • substance-to-substance bonds
  • almost free choice of materials
  • all geometrical shapes are possible
  • excellent surface-corrosion-protection by applied zinc layer
  • excellent wear protection by applied carbide or molybdenum layer
  • decorative layers made of brass, copper, aluminium …
  • Coating thicknesses can vary from 30µm to several mm

Application possibilities:

  • Weight reduction for energy saving
  • Energy absorption during accidents
  • Light shock-absorbing components in vehicles
  • Acoustic panels (foam structure obtains excellent silencing)
  • Imaginable in automotive engineering or aircraft construction
  • Supporting structures will become weather-proof