Flammspritzstrahl, Drahtflammspritzen mit Molybdaen

Cryogenic press fit

An intelligent method of assembling crimp connections is the extreme cooling of a part by using cryogenic liquids followed by joining of the connections.

We call this assembling technique “Kryofügen” (assembling by cryogenic cooling) which has the advantage of getting a crimp connection without applying any force and without any mechanical stress for parts.

An engine part e.g. a sleeve or a bearing is cooled in liquid nitrogen of -195°C and will be cooled to achieve an undersize through thermal shrinking. The part can be fitted into the counter piece, e.g. into a bearing housing without any difficulties and without applying any force. After a few seconds the put in part adapts the counter pieces’s temperature by heat transfer. Now the joining of both parts is achieved.

Extremely useful is this assembling technique regarding mechanically sensitive housings at inaccessible areas where a press cannot be used. Further at joined connections where you cannot work with heat to expand the counter part because of thermal sensitiveness.

We assemble these kind of connections with the latest cryogenic engineering.
Both single pieces and series-productions are possible.


  • valve cylinder heads in bushes
  • bushings in gears and housings
  • bearings in housings
  • flywheels to shafts

You can also receive the liquid nitrogen from us when you have the approved special containers for transport.